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Dr. F.J. Button and Dr. D.W. Brodie established the Stouffville Medical Centre in 1957 in a building at the corner of Victoria and Main Street. A dentist, Dr. W.A. Murphy, also practiced in the building for some time and an optometrist also provided services there for several years. At that time the Medical Centre was an example of the latest thinking in medical office design and was written up as an ideal building for a medical practice.

Since those early years many family physicians have joined the practice. Some have retired and some have left to pursue other goals. The ever changing needs for an expanding practice led to Stouffville Medical Centre’s move to its current location at 34 Civic Avenue in May 2006.

Our Current Doctors:
Dr. Sarah Barclay
Dr. Zahara Rasul
Dr. Nima Mirtorabi
Dr. Douglas Wu
Dr. Yasmin Ladak
Dr. Adam Gurau
Dr. Pearl Yang
Dr. Evan Chong
Dr. Kimberley Charlton
Our Previous Doctors:
Dr. F.J. Button (retired)
Dr. D.W. Brodie (retired)
Dr. D.J.R. Petrie (retired)
Dr. E. Uzans (retired)
Dr. A. Patterson (retired from family practice)
Dr. J. Li (retired from family practice)
Dr. G. Sampson (retired)
Dr. J. Philpott (relocated)
The University of Toronto has recognized this practice for training of family physicians. During your visits to the clinic, you may be cared for by a family practice physician in training. These doctors work under the supervision of a faculty staff physician.
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