Life brings its fair share of challenges. Whether it’s anxiety, career concerns, relationship issues or grief, processing difficult times without support can leave us feeling hopeless and isolated. All individuals are deserving of acceptance and belonging. Connecting to your strengths can help you achieve meaning and happiness. 


We offer one-on-one sessions to help address the following issues:

- anxiety                                                    - grief

- career concerns                                     - Infertility

- chronic pain                                            - family & relationship issues

- depression                                              - spirituality


We are a team of 6 therapists who work with children and adults. In our sessions, we create a warm, accepting space where you’re comfortable being yourself, sharing what you’re struggling with the most and a vision of how you want to feel. We believe that finding the right therapist for you is essential, as this relationship creates the foundation for healing and growth to occur. In working together, we’ll uncover behaviour patterns, beliefs and perspectives that will help build your self-awareness and manage the challenges that are holding you back. 


We use a person-centred approach, and together, we’ll uncover the sources of your suffering and address them in a holistic way. In your healing journey, we’ll identify your strengths, help you embrace your uniqueness and build confidence so that you can build your desired life on your timeline.


We offer both virtual therapy and outdoor sessions, and we have therapists who provide low-cost therapy options for those in financial need.


To book online, visit and email if you have any questions.