Your mental health is an important component of your wellbeing. Psychotherapy is a helpful resource in alleviating mental illness difficulties, building self-awareness, and practicing holistic wellness. The Stouffville Medical Centre offers psychotherapy services for all patients who may be experiencing any of the following concerns: 

  • Anxiety

  • Career concerns

  • Chronic pain

  • Coping Skills

  • Depression

  • Emotional disturbance

  • Family conflict

  • Grief

  • Illness

  • Infertility

  • Life transitions

  • Peer relationships

  • Relationship issues

  • Self-esteem

  • Spirituality

  • Stress

Meetings are available within our clinic or online, for your convenience. For more information, please speak to your doctor. You can also contact our psychotherapists directly. Email Lauren at or visit

Direct online booking is also available through the following link: