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The demand for uninsured services continues to increase resulting in time spent after regular business hours to complete work requested by patients i.e.,  letters, forms and prescription renewals.  They require significant time and resources to administer. The demand for these uninsured services has increased dramatically in the past few years. In the face of rising office expenses and government restrictions, we are unable to provide these services free of charge. 


This work has been typically offered as a fee for service but we can now offer an annual block fee for patients who find they are regularly making these requests. Signing up for this program can provide substantial savings for patients who frequently request something that is not covered by OHIP. Those who choose not to sign-up for the optional Annual Block fee may pay for individual uninsured services at the
time the services are provided.

Doctors Services is the company administering the block fees and issuing individual invoices for those who choose to continue to use a fee for service.  Their office can be reached at 1-866-423-8267 and payment can be made at or by calling the office.

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