Stouffville Medical Centre remains open and patients can arrange telephone consult appointments with their family doctor. Doctors will be making calls from cell phones that will appear as a blocked call. Please ensure that your privacy setting for incoming calls allows blocked call otherwise you may miss this telephone appointment. 

I am due for my annual physical, should I book an appointment?

Due to the current community spread of COVID-19 and in an effort to manage risk to our patients and staff it is recommended to defer in-person adult physicals. In lieu of a physical we invite patients to book an Annual Health Review telephone appointment with their family doctor to order any necessary screening tests and renew prescriptions as appropriate. If your MD feels it necessary to see you in-person they will arrange that appointment.

Do I qualify for a vaccine exemption letter?


As per the Ontario's Ministry of Health, there are only two valid medical exemptions from COVID-19 vaccinations. These include: (1) an allergic reaction to a component of the vaccine within an individual, which must be confirmed by an allergist or immunologist, and (2) a previous history of myocarditis or pericarditis after the first dose of a vaccine. We ask that you do not book an appointment for a vaccine exemption letter unless one of these two criteria are met.  

Option 1: Book Online

Online booking is now available for phone appointments only! To book an in-person or urgent appointment please contact our office directly via phone.  IF NO APPOINTMENTS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE AS SAME OR NEXT DAY APPOINTMENTS MAY BE AVAILABLE. 

Option 2: Book By Phone

You may continue to book appointments by phone. If no online appointments are available, please phone our office; your physician may have appointments available that are not offered online. 
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