After hours care is available for our regular patients only.



Monday – Thursday: Telephone consultations can be arranged beginning at 5:00 PM
Saturday: Telephone consultations can be arranged beginning at 8:30 AM


Our regular hours will resume when restrictions have been lifted:
Monday: 5:30 – 8:30 PM Last patient must arrive by 7:30 PM
Tuesday: 5:30 – 8:30 PM Last patient must arrive by 7:30 PM
Wednesday: 5:30 – 8:30 PM Last patient must arrive by 7:30 PM
Thursday: 5:30 – 8:30 PM Last patient must arrive by 7:30 PM
Saturday: 9:00 – 12:00 AM.  Doors open at 8:30. Last patient must arrive by 11:30 AM


**These hours may be subject to change without notice

Services we offer:

Family Medicine
Obstetrical Care
Minor Ambulatory Procedures
Chronic Disease Management
Mental Health 


February 17, 2020 Family Day
April 10, 2020 Good Friday
May 18, 2020 Victoria Day
July 1, 2020 Canada Day
August 3, 2020 Civic Holiday
September 7, 2020 Labour Day
October 12, 2020 Thanksgiving Day


December 24, 2020 Open until Noon
December 25, 2020 Christmas Day
December 26, 2020 Boxing Day
December 31, 2020 Open until Noon

January 1, 2021 New Year’s Day

1) Annual Physicals
Ministry of Health entitles you to one complete physical examination in a 365 day period. For example: if you had your physical on January 1, 2012, the next one should be booked no earlier than January 2, 2013. Once you have had your annual physical we encourage you to stop at the front desk to book for the next year.

2) Cancellation Policy
We require at least 24 hours notice for cancellation of appointments. If you are calling to cancel an appointment after the office is closed for the day, please leave a message on our answering machine stating your name, the time of your appointment and the doctor with whom it is booked. Failure to give the required notice will result in an administrative fee based on the OMA guidelines.

3) Confirmation Policy
We do not guarantee that you will receive a call to confirm your appointments. We do try to confirm annual physicals and other 30 minute appointments but this is not always possible. We expect patients take responsibility for remembering appointments.

4) Change of Information
Please inform the receptionist of any change of information (address, telephone number including home, work and cell changes, health card number, etc).

5) Family Health Organization (FHO)
This clinic is a Family Health Organization. Please complete an enrollment form if you have not already done so.  If you have any questions, please speak with your doctor.

6) Emergency
In the event of an emergency and our office is closed, please go to the nearest emergency department or call Tele-Health Ontario at (1-866-797-0000). If you have signed a FHO Enrollment Form with your doctor you may call Telephone Health Advisory Service at 1-866-553-7205

7) Health Cards
Please ensure that you present your health card at every visit. You will be charged $40.00 for a 15 minute appointment if a valid health card is not available.

8) Preventative Care
The Ontario Ministry of Health recommends the following:

  • Cervical Cancer Screening every three years for women aged 21 to 69 years of age

  • Mammograms every two years for women aged 50 to 74

  • Colorectal Screening via fecal occult blood test every 2 years for all adults aged 50 to 74

9) Prescription Renewals
Prescription renewals will not be done over the telephone. Your doctor will prescribe enough medication to last you until your next visit. Please do not wait until you have run out of your medication. Book an appointment about one (1) week before it runs out.

10) Transfer Policy
Patients will not be allowed to transfer from one doctor to the next within this clinic. This is a unanimous agreement between all doctors at Stouffville Medical Centre. If you are transferring to a physician at another location, a written request should be made by your new physician’s office and your files will be transferred to them. There is a charge for this service. Once you have transferred to another doctor, your file will be closed at Stouffville Medical Centre.

11) Urgent Care
Stouffville Medical Centre is not a walk-in clinic. We operate Urgent Care Clinics on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for our FHO enrolled patients. Patients register at the time they arrive in the office and are seen in turn by the physician on call.

12) Commonly Used Non-OHIP Costs
Please note OHIP does not cover everything. A list of commonly used services that are not covered are as follows:

  • Visits without a Health Card: 15 minutes – $40.00; 30 minutes – $80.00

  • Missed Appointments – $25.00

  • Prescriptions faxed from a Pharmacy – $20.00

  • Telephone Advice Initiated by a Patient – $20.00

  • Back to Work Note/Sick Note – 20.00

  • Notes for School, Camp, Fitness, Employment – $30.00

  • Notes for Massage, Physiotherapy, Orthotics – $15.00

  • Completion of Insurance Forms – $30.00 minumum

  • TB Test for Employment/School – $20.00

  • Travel Consultation – $40.00

  • Travel Cancellaton Forms – $35.00

  • Travel Vaccinations (Twinrix, Havrix) – $75.00

  • Injection Fee for Travel Vaccination – $15.00

  • Driver’s Medical Examination – $125.00

  • Wart Treatment (other than plantar wart) – $15

  • Mole Removal – $40.00 minimum

  • Removal of Benign Skin Lesions with Cryotherapy – $15.00

  • Transfer of Medical Records – $50.00

  • Disablity Tax Credit form Completion – $40.00

  • Employment Examination – $100.00

13) Inactive Files
If you have not been to the clinic for at least 5 years, your file will be deemed inactive. In order to be seen by a doctor again, your chart will be reviewed and a decision will be made whether to reinstate you as a patient. We are not suggesting that you should see a doctor if you are not sick however, an annual physical is recommended and  will keep your file active.

14) Telephone Results
Please do not call the clinic for test results. (The only exception would be that your doctor has requested you to do so.) Any questions regarding symptoms, medications, vaccine reactions or illnesses should be addressed in your doctor’s office. The staff are not qualified to give advice or information unless authorized by a doctor. If you need to know your results: whether normal or not, please book an appointment with your doctor two to four weeks after the completion of your test. You will receive a call with results only if your physician requests the secretary to do so.

15) Code of Conduct for Patients
In an effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for staff, visitors, patients and their families, Stouffville Medical Centre expects visitors, patients and accompanying family members to refrain from unacceptable behaviors that are disruptive or pose a threat to the rights or safety of other patients and staff. The following behaviors are prohibited:

  • Making verbal threats to harm another individual or destroy property.

  • Making harassing, offensive or intimidating statements, or threats of violence in any form.

  • Making racial or cultural slurs or other derogatory remarks.

  • Physical assault, or intentional damage to property.

  • Adults are expected to supervise children in their care.

If you are subjected to any of these behaviors or witness inappropriate behavior, please report it to any staff member. Violators are subject to removal from the facility and/or discharge from the practice.

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