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Do you suffer from inadequately controlled Asthma?

This clinical research study is looking at the safety and effectiveness of a medication for people with persistent asthma


Would you like to contribute to medical research?

As a volunteer in a research study, you’ll receive study-related medical care and regular follow-up of your asthma. The results of this research will be used to find out if the investigational medication being studied will be of benefit to others, and whether it will be made available across the country. Study volunteers are an important part of moving medical care forward.


You may qualify to participate in this study if you:

  • Are between the ages of 12 to 80 years

  • Participants who have a documented history of physician-diagnosed asthma ≥ 6 months

  • Participants who have been regularly using a daily inhaler to manage their asthma


You may not qualify to participate if you:

  • Have life-threatening asthma as defined as a history of significant asthma episode(s) requiring intubation associated with hypercapnia, respiratory arrest, hypoxic seizures, or asthma related syncopal episode(s)

  • Known history of drug or alcohol abuse within 12 months

  • Use of a nebulizer or a home nebulizer for receiving asthma medications

  • Are a current smoker

  • For women only – currently pregnant (confirmed with positive highly sensitive urine pregnancy test), breast-feeding, or planned pregnancy during the study


There are other eligibility requirements that the study team will review. Only the study staff can confirm whether you are eligible to participate in the study or not.

If you are interested and/or would like to learn more, please email, or call one of our study coordinators: Ashley at 905-640-3100 ext. 303, or Veronica at 905-640-3100 ext. 302.

Contact Us: 

If you are interested in participating in an ongoing clinical trial please contact our clinic and you will be connected with a Study Coordinator. 
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